We invite you to join us at Desfina Restaurant serving the Cambridge area for wonderfully delicious Greek cuisine and warm, welcoming service.  

This family operated restaurant strives to bring the atmosphere of a traditional Greek tavern with quality home cooking good wine and a cozy environment. There is always something cooking in our open kitchen whether it is fresh seafood or cuts of different meats. We use only the freshest ingredients and traditional recipes and cooking methods.  Desfina restaurant has been serving our customers for twenty years and has become a staple in the community and the city of Boston for its authenticity when it comes to traditional Greek food.  Our friendly and attentive customer service will keep you coming back again and again! 

From the place mats and murals to the ingredients on your plate, Desfina embraces authentic Greek culture and immerses guests in a historic and exciting culinary adventure. Sit at the cozy tavern of Desfina and enjoy an appetizer of baked lima beans and an entrée of freshly caught shrimp kebabs. The Restaurant uses the best ingredients and freshest meat from land and sea to provide a hearty and healthy culinary service.

House specialties include dolmades and moussaka, giving patrons a firsthand taste at historic Greek traditions and bold flavors. Fine food, drinks and company are never in short supply at Desfina Restaurant.